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Licensed sponsors don't always sponsor

We use the widest range of data sources to determine the actual likelihood of a job being sponsored, because the details matter.

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Nobody else goes to the lengths we do to find out whether a role is actually sponsored—we've checked.

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Big companies are obvious companies. Avoid hyper-competitive recruitment processes by focusing on roles at exciting start-ups and scale-ups that are desperate to hire people like you.

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We provide you with more sponsorship-related information than any other platform. No more second-guessing.

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  • Access to 5,500+ jobs (excl. bonus opportunities)

  • Up to five definitely sponsored roles

  • Indicator identifying companies legally authorised to sponsor

  • Toggle for hiding/showing already viewed jobs

  • List of companies to avoid (licensed sponsors not offering visa sponsorship)


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£9.49 monthly

Everything in Starter, plus:

  • Find out which jobs are definitely sponsored

  • Filters to refine search results based on sponsorship information, seniority and type of role

  • Exclusive company policy data outlining sponsorship conditions

  • Access to bonus opportunities that may lead to sponsorship

  • Salary information attached to job listings (where possible)

  • Extra indicators and colour-coding to quickly identify key sponsorship-related attributes

Pro (Student)

Currently studying

£3.99 monthly*

Everything in Pro, at a non-Pro price.

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*Customers on the Student plan will be required to verify their academic email address upon sign-up.

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"Poli is something you can lean on when you are an immigrant desperately trying to find a job: you get access to the board of jobs and crucial details [you] never even knew about."

Polina I.Ops & Strategy

"Poli brings calm to the chaos by providing an organised, easy-to-use platform that displays interesting roles without the need [...] to spend hours digging for details."

Ibti J.Software Engineering

"Poli [...] simplifies the job hunt, provides invaluable resources, and connects you with like-minded individuals."

Vighnesh M.Data Science

"Poli has helped me with my job search by offering a more focused solution. Navigating the job board is simple and straightforward and helped me find jobs that I wouldn't have been able to find otherwise."

Samir I.Law

"Poli really saved me valuable time when doing my applications - it gave me exactly [the] information I needed, all in one place, and I didn't have to bother double-checking it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone [...] looking to switch companies."

Hans G.Machine Learning

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